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There is a tale weavingIn the
There is a tale weaving
In the inns of old lands
And it speaks of men
The dauntless of their clans
Of times when suns
And moons failed to shine
And beasts that swallowed
Stars that rose high
There were seas, a deep blue
With caverns, crystal clear
And the songs of sirens
Brought sailors to their lair
The story tells of
Wolves that roamed homes
And giants, one-eyed
Turning gladiators to loam
Tombs that lay cracked
Lonesome in the hills
While raiders sold remnants
Of kings and their frills
A peak that touched
The sky in its mirth
And a pit that boiled
With the rage of the earth
By old illusions
The fog was unwelcome
Until the day a queen rose
From the land seen seldom.
:iconferines:ferines 3 3
Lost In The CragsDeep in th
Lost In The Crags
Deep in the grotto
Hidden in shadow
Alone she lies there, clad in gray.
On her brow, a crown
Her screams make no sound
And the glass panes, they won't break away.
She cries as she falls
But do they care at all?
You Highness, perhaps it's best this way?
She watches from afar
No guide in the stars
And her dreams, she found their edges frayed.
Not a daisy in sight
No thrush is in flight
The men toil hard to keep them at bay.
The sky weeps most
The devil and his ghost
They tread the earth, the dry earth, in vain.
The mountains turn away
They shake in their shame
And the clouds gather to mourn the slain.
The blameless are shot
But the devil cares not
He gores the people as they rise to pray.
Deep in the grotto
Hidden in shadow
There lies a queen; she has lost her way.
There lies a dead queen; she lost her way.
:iconferines:ferines 2 6
Dear AnnalieseHave you ever
Dear Annaliese
Have you ever seen her face with a smile?
Have you ever glimpsed the truth in those eyes?
Do you ever think of what she goes through
each day and night?
Have you ever wondered why she made that vow?
Have you ever imagined the secrets she hasn't spoken out loud?
Did you ever see her drink her way through poison
without sound?
Have you ever heard the words of her prayer?
As she bows her head with thoughts she will not share?
Do you ever wonder while you stand outside her doorway
why no one cares?
Have you ever wondered if there were something more?
Have you ever grasped the truth in her people's lore?
Did you ever imagine her anguish as those sons of mothers
tore her to the core?
Have you ever looked beyond this emptiness?
Ever watched the strands of sanity slip as she confessed?
Did you ever think as the violin played and the children wailed
why she chose to drop off this misty crest?
:iconferines:ferines 4 5


Lord of the Rings ABCs
A is for brave Aragorn whom Arwen did admire
B is for the Balrog and dear Bilbo of the Shire
C is for the courage of the heroes in the story
D for the Dead Marshes, which the hobbitses found gory
E is for Lord Elrond and the Elvish clan he leads
F is for young Frodo and his mighty, noble deeds
G is for ol' Gandalf, little Gimili and (yuck!) Gollum
H is for Helms Deep and the battle at the bottom
I is for Isildur, too bad he kept the ring
J is jubilation at the return of the King
K is for dark Khazad-dum, where orcish evil lies
L is for *sigh* Legolas, what dreamy, crystal eyes
M is for Meriadoc, known as Merry by his friends
N is for the Nazgul, nasty creatures to the end
O is for Osgiliath, the mighty, broken city
P for Peregrin (Pippin) Took's insatiable curiosity
Q is for the quiet way of life back at Bag End
R for peaceful Rivendell and the Rohhirim that Rohan sends
S is for good Samwise, and Shelob whom he slew
        (not to mention Saruma
:iconaurorasea:AuroraSea 251 81
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